CosyJo Grey Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Pillows

CosyJo Grey Silk Velvet Lavender Eye Pillows


Our super luxurious handmade 100% Silk Velvet Eye Pillow is shaped to fit every face and nose shape. Filled with real Lavender flowers and organic seeds, perfectly weighted (around 150g) to help stimulate the acupressure points for detoxification, meditation, clarity and calm when placed across the eyes.

They’re the ultimate relaxation, sleep inducing ritual, day or night, whenever you need to pause. The gorgeous two-tone charcoal one side, silver grey 100% silk velvet, looks luxurious (store in your lingerie drawer or hang in the wardrobe (lavender is great to calm the senses, refresh clothes and repel moths) and is super soft against the delicate skin around your eyes. I love these as a real anti-ageing 15-minute of calm, as my eyes always feel rested afterwards, and hence look brighter.

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How to use: Take the pillow gently between your hands and flip it back and forth to help stimulate the aroma from the dried flowerbuds. Lie back horizontally with your head comfortably supported, then, on clean dry skin (avoid moisture where possible to protect the fabric), close your eyes and place the pillow over your eyelids. Relax, breathe deeply, listen to some calming music or meditate - whatever puts you into a stress-free zone. Stay like this for 10, 15, 20 mins … they block out the light so are great day or night, pop in your bag when you visit a spa for a massage, and they’re great for anyone who suffers from tension headaches as the lavender is beautifully soothing. Enjoy!

NB: Store in a cool, dry place. Ideal in your wardrobe or a drawer where it makes everything smell so fresh, flip it over the trouser arm of a hanger where it will stay and every so often just rub the velvet to restimulate the natural aroma.