Why Candlelight is the most Flattering Light

MOJO by Iain Philpott.jpg

Candlelight truly is THE most magical and most flattering light for the face. Especially past 'a certain age'. Ever wondered why SO many beauty companies have created candlelight inspired skin highlighting creams and powders. The idea is, unlike a flat harsh, overhead lights, candles give a gentle, kindness to skin with a touch of light that hits the cheek contours, bridge of the nose, temples, lips and collarbone, to make skin look more radiant than any other form of lighting we've yet created!

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My Valentine's Day? Well, my adorably romantic husband, JIm, truthfully, utterly loathes Valentine's Day - seeing it as yet another excuse to 'sell' love and cheapen the notion in every which way! And let's face it - if they have to be reminded to dash out for a card and chocolates... well...

As a result, we NEVER go out on the 14th - instead he usually cooks me a delicious meal and we snuggle down ...

Oops! I've messed up! Coz 'this year' I've booked cinema tickets for tonight to see 'The Shape of Water'. Yep, I now anticipate going straight there and straight back home again! No detour! No candlelight and roses other than those created at home (well we do 'do candles' big time obviously).

Fact is, after 30 years together, I am lucky enough to get my fair share of outward displays of affection and love throughout the year, and not restricted to THAT (indeed THIS) one day in Feb, that ... Guess what...? Yep, I wish I hadn't bought the tickets!

Will let you know how the movie goes. Have you seen it?