The Virtues of Vinegar


Want a fresh start to the day? I absolutely love these Cult Vinegars that I bought from Caro in Somerset (one of my fave shops) the other day.

Made in fresh, small batches (much like our candles I like to think) using premium wines (OK we use essential oils, bit different there then!), this array of live wine vinegar is totally unpasteurised. This means each one retains its live bacteria which is the aspect in pure vinegars that is believed to be good for your health: helping with arthritis, auto-immune, skin conditions and gut health.

They're really quite delicious - and I'm by nature not a vinegar fan. Try their Red or White Wine Cult Vinegar, or my fave the Champagne.

I am already a Braggs 'Mother' fan, which I drink neat in a little shot glass every morning - so if you'd like to know how I like to start my day? Check out this recent post over on my ezine website too. And do subscribe & say hello...