Photography by Iain Philpott

Photography by Iain Philpott

Just back from the 'kiss toxins goodbye' launch of a gorgeous new lip colour collection by Nude By Nature, an Australian makeup brand dedicated to being clean and green (and cruelty-free obviously - check out their website for ingredients info on plants indigenous to Australia) which is proving more and more possible in beauty as the power of knowledge about what's in your makeup matters just as much as it does your diet.

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I mean, did you know women on average ingest between 4-9lbs of lip colour over their lifetime - so if we're eating it how come lipstick is still, in 2018, primarily filled with toxins ranging from aluminium and lead that are neurotoxic, plus multiple petrochemicals that can disrupt the body's hormones and liver. 

Equally, animal-testing. The testing of cosmetics and toiletries on animals has long been 'banned' in the UK, and across the EU since 2013,  but (and it's hoped within the next year to be reversed) certain countries such as China, still make it compulsory for any cosmetics sold there, to pay for the products to be tested on animals, thus making companies that have been cruelty-free for years turn their backs on ethical policies for financial gain. 


I am currently compiling my own list of truly ethical brands that I love, so here are the names of the natural makeup that have great results and can help you embrace a more natural, botanical way of living beautifully.

There's: NudebyNature ... plus Inika, Jane Iredale, MOMMA, Ere Perez, Savi Organics, Adorn Cosmetics, Living Nature - I'll post some of my favourites for you very soon.

Tell me what you think of natural botanical brands you've tried, if any, if not why not give it a go. Feel free to comment, do share, like, and check out my new #JoOnTheGo video series on IGTV and Youtube.