If you’re not a fan of January, Feb is fab for fasting! According to research it isn’t actually Jan when we adopt a new healthy regime for the year at all, but February! Much more positive: Jan is just too cold and a bit of an anti-climax!

Check out my recent video on my JO GB YouTube channel, with a little insight into my recent 2019 January health fast - I do these every other month to help boost my immune system, and as a fan of any anti-inflammatory diet regime (as you’ll hear in my video with Nic of PIxiwoo who also has MS) - I find this helps me stay on track at reducing my toxic load from coffee, sugar, gluten and dairy!

It’s also about peace, silence, warmth and comfort, meditation (with a candle flame), and getting a little more spirituality in your heart. So to kick start a new habit, do a deep inner cleanse, feel invigorated with the idea of ‘NEW’ … Here’s a link here!

Have YOU ever tried fasting? How did you find it?

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