30 years we’ve known each other! Introducing the talents of the darling Ariane Poole! x

30 years we’ve known each other! Introducing the talents of the darling Ariane Poole! x

I LOVE this lady! Makeup artist, mother of four beautiful girls, and founder of her own makeup brand arianepoole.com that she sells on TV channels QVC in the UK, and Evine in the States; Ariane Poole and I have worked together on magazine photographic shoots since the late 80s, when I was a young beauty journalist. I quickly came to trust her beauty advice and tips, shared many a laugh along the way, and maybe a few tears. She’s never changed: always a joy to be with, inspiring to the many readers I would invite along for a make ’under’ and who she would make feel so confident and happy in themselves with the wave of a brush.

Ariane is truly beauty inspiration at its best - a real woman (now 60 herself) who loves working with real women, helping them make the better of themselves through makeup and skincare wisdom: no intervention, just warmth, passion and understanding. Listen in and learn a few tips and do check out her awesome makeup collection arianepoole.com that really ought to be on every magazine beauty page, as one of the few British brands out there that has its founder working on faces every day! I wear her Crystal Taupe Eyeshine as my ‘go-to’ eyeshadow day and night!

Follow Ariane on instagram @arianepoole and check out her makeup here

Check out JOGB Love or Leave on IGTV with Ariane here…to learn a little bit more about her (and some great tips too)

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