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The ultimate in natural luxury ... welcome to JOGB Living: home to a holistic lifestyle concept by author journalist jogb.co.uk, Jo Glanville-Blackburn.

Living is about the senses. At JOGB Living, home is your space, your life, your wellbeing, and all as individual as YOU.

Our luxurious artisan aromas are simply unique. From the consciously curated luxury 100% natural essential oil fragrances, to the handmade botanical waxes all free-from synthetics and toxic mineral oils, there is now true pleasure to be found in scenting your home.

Lovingly made in GB of course, and designed to fill your space & your senses with optimism, clarity, energy and pure sensuality, you too can enhance your mood and embrace your home with aroma. 

Utterly unique and exclusive to JOGB, give your home the luxury of the purest aromas and EXPERIENCE the most POSITIVE way live, love, and decorate your living space...

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what fans of JOGB are saying about us...

I just LOVE my GOJO candle. I now keep my car keys in one of the empty glasses and it makes me feel so happy even when I just pick them up!
— Jacqui R, Surrey
As a self-confessed candle and room fragrance snob I’m thrilled with this new JOGB MOJO candle, always a winner when they smell fabulous without burning and are heavier than a paperweight: whole kitchen/dining/lounge open plan scented within 30 minutes!
— Alison Young, QVC presenter at alisonyoungbeauty
MOJO is a heavenly cloud of incense, sandalwood and coriander, created by the Queen of beauty editors Jo Glanville-Blackburn.
— Sarah Barclay, YOU Mag
OMG This gorgeous aroma (SLOJO) is so strong unlike other candles I’ve bought, I didn’t even need to light it!
— Sandy B, SW London