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The ultimate way to comfort, peace and calm in today’s hectic life

The JOGB Way…

Home is the true environment of scent. When we are increasingly overstressed and overstretched in our daily lives, where better to feel comfort, uplifted, more relaxed or reinvigorated? Where else can you truly pause, breathe, relax and unwind if not in your personal space - your home?
Everyone in life needs to know how to find a little comfort, a moment of calm, and a quick pathway to peace: life’s just too crazy out there. Home is where it’s at! Dim the lights, immerse yourself in our pure aromatic candles, snuggle up in a wrap: be cosy, be safe, be happy and best of all be YOU.

Throughout my 30-year career writing beauty & wellbeing in magazines, newspapers and books, I’ve always been passionate about botanical aromas. When I was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease (MS) back in 2011, I immersed myself in the need and desire to learn how to make my mind and body better, and encourage others around me onto a similar journey. Eating a healthier, anti-inflammatory diet was the start. Yet even more vital was learning new ways to reduce stress, relax my entire self for a calmer, more peaceful life, to help put me more in control of my life by enhancing my surroundings.
Aroma makes me happy - pure aromas from nature, not synthetic smells. Candles give me comfort: but I was advised to steer clear of the more commonly available (98% are) paraffin wax that emit toxic fumes in the home. BUT I love the comfort of candles. They’re the light; a sign of peace; a spark of optimism; and a quiet moment of peace in the home, for the heart. (I first learned to meditate to a candle flame)
LIVING well to me now means cocooning and creating a sense of wellbeing through comfort. Beautiful botanical aromas that enhance your every mood can help you find inner peace in your space. This is the true power of pure aromas.
I have spent 30 years working in the beauty industry, experiencing every brand first hand: I know a beautiful scent when I smell it! JOGB MOJO, GOJO and SLOJO are 100% natural luxury botanical candles using soy wax and rapeseed oil, blended with beautiful complex and original fragrance blends, made in the UK exclusively for me, JOGB by our perfumer in Somerset.
Trust me, you cannot experience these aromas anywhere else: the exclusive raw pure oil blend is at 10%: “no-one uses an oil that expensive in a candle” we were told: we shall. You get what you pay for. These burn beautifully and customers comment how they get no headaches (often from paraffin fumes) and can breathe better with our blends. Try them yourself.
— Jo

Holistic beauty and lifestyle editor & author, Jo Glanville-Blackburn is JOGB: a warm and passionate lover of scent and emotion. It is Jo's instinctive passion for feel-good, mood-enhancing essential oils and natural aromas that has inspired many of her articles across magazine & news print (GH, Grazia, STStyle, YOU mag, W&H, FT HTSI, Daily Mail and The Times) and digital media (check out JOGB Stories lifestyle beauty blog and JOGB series: JoOnTheGo over on YouTube).

Jo is also author of over 12 wellbeing beauty books including A Passion For Perfume, Spa Bliss, Blooming Gorgeous Beauty & Wellbeing in Pregnancy, and A New You in 21 Days (please see links below) including Spa Bliss (Duncan Baird), A Passion For Perfume (Ryland Peters), Blooming Gorgeous, Beauty & Wellbeing in Pregnancy (Ryland Peters) and A New You in 21 Days (Quadrille). You can contact us here by email on

“To me, candles are home. They’re a sign of peace. A bridge between the senses: aroma and beauty, comfort and relaxation; they instantly give out a true sense of wellbeing - after all, you took the time to stop, light a match and take a breath for YOU.
— Jo GB

Why candles JOGB? 

"Candles instantly set a mood and a focus in your surroundings, and when it's an aroma you love, it becomes the hub of your home. I always burn candles, from the living room to the bedroom, to the hallway, to help set a mood for everyone around: to relax and to recharge. My darling husband Jim, who has designed everything to do with JOGB, says, 'give her a surface and she'll smother it with candles'... he's not always 'laughing' mind you!"

This is the beauty of JOGB: a joyous, positive mood-enhancing collection for the home that's the epitome of natural luxury, designed by Jo and husband Jim Stanton in conjunction with an intimate inspiring group of true British artisans. Let JOGB plays with your senses: make you feel vibrant, seductive or just downright chilled and 'hopefully' more content. It's an emotive collection created by a pretty emotional woman.


It is key that JOGB candles are paraffin-free. Jo's youngest daughter suffers from asthma and Jo has an auto-immune disorder, both of which benefit hugely by reducing toxins in the home (from chemical room sprays to paraffin-wax that emits similar fumes to diesel) and by embracing ever increasing ways to unwind and de-stress in our busy modern lives. This is JOGB Living - to be honest it's modern living and the need to wellness to be exactly that - Living Well.

"Now more than ever, in our crazy, chaotic lives, I truly believe that we need to surround and immerse ourselves in a cocoon of contentment and security. So I've created this collection to touch a nerve and inspire your moods. It starts with candles because it's for your home and for your self - the perfect marriage between beauty & home: which sums up my career too! AND if like me you love burning candles they have to be as clean as possible too. I can't bear artificial perfumes OR the smell of paraffin wax candles: I literally have to leave the room when they're blown out. I certainly don't want to breathe that in - it's bad for our personal space (my youngest has mild asthma) and vets say it's bad for our pets too. Life to me is about creating positive energy: the fastest way I know how is through the natural luxury of fragrance using beautifully blended essential oils that enhance your mood, and so your life. Hence JOGB!

JOGB Candles in the Press

JOGB Living has been featured in some of the best selling magazines and websites including Sunday Times Style, RED, Town & Country, GLASS, Good Housekeeping, Woman & Home, YOU Magazine and Get The Gloss…


“The Natural Choices” in Town & Country Magazine, feature by Kathleen Baird-Murray

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Good Housekeeping Magazine Christmas issue