MOJO Sensual Candle

MOJO Sensual Candle


A very deep, sexy little number, MOJO has a smoky soul of incense, that's designed to make you feel supremely confident, luscious and rather sensual in your own space. It features pure essential oils of musky ambrette seed, warm creamy sandalwood with top captivating notes of coriander and bergamot. This 100% eco-loving, plant-based wax candle burns for up to 50 hours and all our customers say how the fragrance lingers beautifully, even when not lit.

To ensure your handmade candles are the best quality and freshness when they arrive, they are produced in limited quantities making them all the more special and unique. Should we run out of stock, don't be in a mood with us: a new batch will be on its way!


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