JOGB In Harmony Collection

JOGB In Harmony Collection


Emotions sorted! Buy our exclusive trio of JOGB candles: MOJO, GOJO and SLOJO to work on your mood and your senses, both individually and also together as a family. There is a key ingredient that runs through every JOGB candle, so when you want to burn all three together - whether in a cluster or a row across the mantelpiece, embracing guests in the hall, or scenting your dinner table - it's pure harmony! Every aroma is 100% pure essential oils in a full fragrance construction of a top, middle and base accord: which means every candle contains over 10 different oils and at 10%- pure from top to bottom.

"With this tantalising trio, I hope you'll love every one of our aromas and discover how they really do work magic on your moods. They are made with a true passion so do let me know what you love and come back for your ultimate favourite; or hey, just buy another piece of harmony!" Jo

To ensure your handmade candles are the best quality and freshness when they arrive, they are produced in limited quantities making them all the more special and unique. Should we run out of stock, don't be in a mood with us: a new batch will be on it's way!


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Made in GB, these luxury candles are 100% pure and scented using only the highest quality blend of essential oils at 10% oil per candle: we were told ‘no-one uses such an expensive oil’ …’then we shall!’ was our reply. It’s the quality that ensures our aromas are mood-busting and create a beautiful experience. Free-from toxic paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances, this is a truly aromatic experience. Burn time: approx 50 hours.