Well, we're on the eve of a whole New Year! Let's make it less stressy eh? Research shows that we're all living on the brink, with 60% of us claiming to be 'burned out' by 35! Time to look forward not back. Live in the moment. And seek out ways to relax and unwind, and feel less stress for 2018.

For me this has been a chaotic year, but one I'm immensely proud of. Sure we launched JOGB in November (after more than six years in planning and creation), but ...

  • I also learned how to give Reiki, one of the most therapeutic rituals I have ever experienced. It makes me calmer, feel more in control of my feelings and so much happier in myself (when I remember to do it). So thank you darling Katie Light, a beautiful spirit based in Brighton and one to seek out for her The Light Technique, whenever you're at a crossroads, need focus, to calm, balance and find a little inner wisdom. I urge you to find a bit of time to seek her out, being kinder to yourself in 2018 in the process.

  • Another New Year key to a stress-free JOGB - and all who join in with us here (promise lots more wellbeing tips and advice) - is my 8-week course in Autogenic Training (AT) with a fabulous man called Stephen Ashby at the wondrous Royal London Hospital of Integrative Medicine (serious NHS cuts are undermining the incredible people doing amazing work here in an effort to help make people's attitude to their own health and disease, stronger, more resilient and so make life more manageable and less stressy). AT is a Western doctrine based in Buddhism (i.e. no criticism and self-judgement here), designed to help alleviate stress and tension while creating a better frame of mind that will help you release tension (and so ease pain), anxiety, anger and sadness or bereavement (and again, so ease pain and tension). I'm only on week 2, I already have learned the initial speedy 5-minute regimes that literally kick in and help cancel out stressful thought patterns. I'll keep filling you in and share how to do it if you're interested - so let me know if it appeals. It's not based on any religious beliefs etc - and is designed for absolutely everyone to benefit.

  • Now, personally I've never been good at meditating - I've always been too distracted in my head (yes I know...that's the purpose). Indeed, creating my own candles has been behind the whole quest to "find new ways to relax" (the business side sure isn't) - because up until now I found the most successful way to switch off is by concentrating (visually and mentally) on the flickering flame of a single candle. If you have a restless mind try it! Obviously I'd rather you used a relaxing SLOJO or a sensual, confidence boosting MOJO, whereas energising GOJO might just keep you too alert! So, clearly I'm on a mission to unwind and reduce my stress this year. Are you with me?

Happy & Peaceful New Year to you all