hug a tree in autumn

Now, more than ever, we are all recognizing the value of seeking and finding inner peace. Say bye-bye consumerism, career goals, hugely competitive egos, and say hello to living in the moment, appreciating what we’ve got here, right now... taking a step forward on a journey inward. Here’s how…

Find Your Inner Peace & Meditate

For years I couldn’t still my mind long enough to convince myself that I could meditate, then ill health made it an essential mission. Fireside reading was the start, I then used candles (focusing for 5-10 mins on the flickering flame) which inspired the JOGB collection; I trained in visualization techniques, learned The Healing Code, trained as a Reiki therapist, learned how to practice Autogenics, and downloaded a fair few apps (OAK is still our bedtime favourite). It truly has become my passion as a way of improving my attitude to life. Fact is, simply by going inwards and transcending that constant buzz and distraction of our mind, everyone can experience that deeper awareness known as our ‘zone of peace’, where silence and stillness become a truly beautiful and empowering experience that benefits our entire body.

Revisit Peace Regularly

Returning to your inner place of peace often and at will (I can seriously do it on the bus) means that you can control your stress reactions and instill peace in your body at any stressful moment when you are surrounded by negativity, unhappiness, obstacles, envy, anxiety, worries or emotional indecision. To achieve peace any time you want, in the midst of a moment of anguish or need to feel truly calm, means you need to let go within, don’t judge, don’t gossip or criticize others - or yourself (that one’s hardest) - as you will find a completely new peaceful self - your ‘higher self’ - connecting more with creativity, inner wisdom, truth, peace, and just a bit more love. Just let the ego… go.

Practice Peace Daily

Practice mental calm and silence so that whatever form of meditation you choose, it becomes second nature to your mind and your body. Inner peace really can co-exist with the thinking mind, for once we stop wasting endless mental energy on our insecurities, envy, anger, and resentment, we can become more creative, inspiring to others, reflect more happiness, joy, and peace, both in the home and at work.

Note to self: Get outside more, in touch with nature, check out my short ‘autumnal glow’ IGTV video on Instagram. Do watch some of the others…anyone you want to hear from more? Who inspires you in life? How do you switch off?