Oh, I just LOVE SANDALWOOD! One of the single most exquisite and much-loved natural ingredients in perfumery, the use of this much-revered oil is ancient: over 4,000 years. Used in many religious rituals and ceremonies such as Buddism and Hinduism for its spirituality, sandalwood as an essential oil is also deeply grounding and distilled from the roots of an evergreen found in the Eastern region of Mysore.

Emotionally, sandalwood essential oil is used to help calm the senses, centre the soul and instil inner peace to the psyche, helping to boost willpower and inner confidence. In health terms, Chinese medicine uses sandalwood to cure tummy pains,  boost the immune system, fight disease. It's antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, astringent, disinfectant, memory booster, tonic and sedative in one.

Sandalwood is incorporated to some degree in every JOGB aroma. We love it on its own as an oil to burn in the air or diffuse in hot water in a room, but in a natural aroma with helps to balance other notes and create a harmonious fragrance. Check out MOJO for true sensuality and balance.