A Happy Sunday ... is a SLOJO Sunday!

That one day in the week when, regardless of our busy lives we should try to pause, take a breath from 'the norm', focus on our 'better' selves and take stock of our lives to determine what makes us more content in life and what is a drain.

'People?' Now they can lift; or boy, can they drain. As I've become older I try to avoid negative people like the plague: I can pick up their vibe in a room within minutes of entering. I just have no patience with poor manners; I can't bear the company of rudeness. I grew up with educated parents who taught me manners and to value them in others - and none more so than in my own children.

Equally, I love the challenge of making someone who feels down or 'less than positive', feel pretty good about themselves. I recently took part in a weekly relaxation group for 10 people with all manner of serious ailments: all of us there to find more calm, peace and tranquility in our lives. The result?: An ounce of laughter, a chance to smile - it's amazing how the goodness of others can make you feel truly alive.

True communication is a basic instinct - one that as a culture we are fast losing the art. Is it perhaps because, little by little, thanks to new ways of agile working and living (let's put the phones down & look up a little more) we are dealing less and less directly with one another? Communication via email and text over face-to-face certainly saves time & money, but it has no creativity. Has our power of speech and drama been diluted so much? Surely media IS the art of communication?

Not surprising then, that my peaceful group should need to meet face-to-face for relaxation and stress therapy techniques, rather than via email, Skype, text or phone - for the very reason that the therapist (much like a colleague or friend) can read signs and emotions from our every movement and expression. Communication is everything. Let's just make it more positive... check out more lifestyle expertise over on

"To listen well is as powerful a means of communication and influence as to talk well."

John Marshall

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