Photo: JOGB recyclable boxes, taken by our darling talented award-winning manufacturers Curtis Packaging

Photo: JOGB recyclable boxes, taken by our darling talented award-winning manufacturers Curtis Packaging

We are so thrilled by our fabulous new customers who have requested and love experiencing our candles through our JOGB Aroma Cards... so I thought I'd share how and why we decided to offer our perfumed postal service! Aren't we thoughtful?

As a writer of scent and emotion in my many years in journalism, I do get a bit emotional at times as there really is nothing that conjures up the memories and the moments of a loved one - past or present - than an aroma that connects to your senses. 

Our amazing, yet delicate, nose has more than 400 different types of scent receptors and can distinguish over one trillion different aromas according to recent olfactory studies at New York's Rockerfeller University. Our sense of smell is boundless... that's why to me it matters, even more, when it's an aroma conjured from nature: for when it fills your home and your personal living space it connects to your most primal instincts - feelings of safety, love and passion.

I mean, you're coming home aren't you? You're closing the door on the world behind you and breathing in YOUR space. Well, we want it to be smelling of JOGB! Of nature-inspired, harmonious, vibrant, all-enveloping aromas that positively boost your mood... and you need to try them right!?

So, we have created these adorable name cards for MOJO, GOJO and SLOJO (photographed by my Jim, the designer in this little family) and thought, well why not dip a strip of card in the (don't forget paraffin-free) wax, then attach it to a pretty card. Who wouldn't want to receive this loving little 'scented treat' through the door hey? And it'll get the postie feeling good too!

Plus, we're really thinking of YOU! No parking required... and since when can you EVER sample a candle aroma before buying?

Are we thinking of you... or are we thinking of you?

We're pretty committed to getting you addicted to our aromas: so here's your chance to live with them a little at home! Pop the scented card 'photo-side up' (just in case the wax touches anything expensive) in a special drawer: may we cheekily suggest MOJO for your underwear; GOJO in the office, kitchen and definitely your car; and SLOJO bedside table and living room... tuck any of them in a wardrobe, cupboard or glove box. Just order your chosen cards here, from the shop, then spread the love around your home, fall in love with an aroma, or two or even all three; then come back and .... yeah, we'd of course love it if you love them enough to buy the full-size, pure botanical candle, made with 10% pure oil, so we'll refund you the price of the card with your order.