Being a mother is, without doubt, the dearest thing in my life; losing mine was the hardest.

She stayed with us in London over Christmas (2000), then drove home (only 69, having lost my father 15 years before). Four days later she died from the flu.

Throughout my life, my mother was the one who always backed my corner (especially when my father didn't want me to go to art college), shared her passion for baking (and eating the rewards), would stay up all night with me finishing project, and above all made me laugh as often and as loudly as her. Our relationship wasn't 'perfect', but boy did it have a lot of joy.

I hope I've been a positive role model to my children. They are kind, thoughtful, decent, darling people that I am very proud of, and I know that they have made me feel a very lucky woman in life, regardless of health issues.

So, whether you're now thinking, like me, of your own mother, your mother's mother (grandmas matter too) you're a mother yourself, or you're about to be a new mama, take time this weekend to appreciate how fortunate we all are to know the women we do in our lives.

Happy Mother's Day