Ah, ‘tis 'the season’! Whether formal or casual dining

Jo & Jim's wedding day 23 years ago

Jo & Jim's wedding day 23 years ago

So, having written and styled many bridal shoots for magazines throughout my career, (and our own obviously) I thought maybe a few JOGB styling table tips might be rather timely: all kinda plant and botanical inspired. Why you don’t even have to be getting married! Think 'elegant inspiration' for summertime dining with friends, outside or in, as the sun’s going down. Spring through to autumn (we got married early October 1994, with beautiful British autumn sunshine and candles (of course) lit by 3pm). 

My preference is always: 'keep it natural'. On a beautiful occasion, bold, delicate, vibrational plants give a life, energy and elegance to any decoration.

GOJO Wedding.jpg

Top Table Inspiration

1 Decide upon your style. Rustic chic V modern neutral: or a mix of both as shown above.

2 Choose your colour scheme. Maybe in your own garden you chose only white flowers, with blue and purple for detail? Why not your table inspiration. Or try deep red roses with berries and buds?  Or a rustic country meadow with yellows and blues, rushes and grasses.

3 Above all, choose flowers and plants you love, then choose the ones that suit the style you're going for. My favourites are bobble heads of peonies, ranunculus, roses and hydrangea V tall stems of delphiniums and foxgloves V trailing forget-me-nots, sweetpeas and jasmine. Think artfully of their shape on the table and how they play together.

4 Long tables, smaller tables or circular styling, the trick is to keep a romantic feel to your surroundings. Choose tall vases or small bowls and line them up symmetrically. 

5 Romance is everything ... so candles are key for low level, atmospheric lighting. At our autumn reception we had big candelabras wrapped in ivy hanging throughout our orangery-style venue, and twinkling glass candles nestled around and lining the pathway to the reception. A line of candles from 30cl to votive, create a romantic harmony. Choose mood-enhancing aromas and you can completely captivate the mood of the day, and help recreate that moment every anniversary, romantic evening, or simply fill your home with that love every day in your life together. Obviously we'd love you to choose our seriously mood-enhancing candles (if you require a larger volume, freshly made) for an event, contact us direct via email or 07425-873873)


6 Train ivy (see top) - which makes a great 'living' table accessory as it stays looking fresh and vibrant without water (unlike flowers above, I popped these straight back into a vase) - curling between the base of your candles and vases. Weave ivy around napkins like a botanical ring too. Insert sprigs of rosemary and lavender for a decorative, naturally fragrant pick-me-up.

7 For a vintage theme, visit an antiques market such as my favourite - Sunbury Antiques Market in Kempton, Surrey - and buy old china cups, mugs and glass goblets - and cluster together on each table filled with tiny posies of herbs and wildflowers.

sweetie in vase.jpg