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Just thought I'd share this lovely piece on GOJO in the summer issue of Psychologies magazine - great issue obviously!

”As we move into summer, I often light a candle upon waking, and I find that I hanker after punchier scents that match my sunny mood. That is why I adore this citrus-laced powerhouse of palmarosa and bergamot, which is bound to pep you up for all the new season’s offerings.”
— Emine Rushton, Wellbeing Editor at Psychologies Magazine

I do love Psychologies - one of the few magazines left in an industry I have loved for three decades, that truly focuses on their reader and her inner wellness, to make us all look better because of how we feel NOT how we look. The two go hand-in-hand - just few embrace it. Beauty is not based in a lipstick - a miserable heart is written all over a face...stony, unyielding, unloving: but one of laughter and joy is timeless, ageless and captivating.

I say warm up that heart, spread joy with a smile, kind words, even kinder deeds, inspirational thoughts and genuine honesty, transparency and truth. Open up to a friend - let them open up to you without fear of having their confidence shared among others (come on girlfriends - be friends)

Since working closely on a book project with a Reiki master over a decade ago, I have felt super sensitive to other people's feelings. To the point that I can sense the mood and vibe off strangers when they walk into the same room as me - not always for the better (some people I have to distance myself from). I don't think this is uncommon - it's just most of us put up barriers or don't open ourselves up to 'that kind of energy' that is quite simply quantum physics.

That sensitivity, albeit also enhanced after three pregnancies, inspired my desire for creating the unique, pure and potent aromas in our candles that truly do enhance your (and definitely my) mood. I am always inspired by nature, and the true, beautiful botanical aromas that stir our senses: from a sun-drenched herb box, the smell of a fabulous rose, or the memories of woodsmoke at my parent's home. 

Scent, memory and mood are inextricably linked... it's the greatest pick-me-up and is key in our mental wellbeing and vital way to destress.

So, thank you Emine, for appreciating the sunny side of JOGB x