I've never quite 'got' the art of meditation... until recently!

My main inspiration for creating JOGB mood-enhancing aromas in a candle first - was not only because, as a beauty editor of many years experience, candles are the soulful art of aroma and the home in one... it was also because, stressed out to the max, I found that my state of mind - good or bad - immediately affected my auto-immune disorder, and so I myself needed to find a way to calm my nerves and my senses. So I was advised to learn how to meditate.

A flickering log fire always worked its magic... and so too, with a little practice, does the single flickering flame of a candle. So here's how I do an 'open eye' meditation, which also helps boost concentration, so I highly recommend it.

Step-by-step 'open-eye' Candle Meditation

  1. Comfort is key. Before you light a candle, clear your space to help you relax, turn off your phone, dim the lights and ensure the room is a comfortable temperature.

  2. Sit comfortably upright (floor or chair) and position a single candle, flat and safely, in front of you at eye level.

  3. Now simply stare at the candle flame, allowing the image of the flame to occupy your mind.

  4. egin to envisage your breath working in tandem with the flickering flame, seven counts in then ten counts out. Keep your eyes focused on the candle flame all the while, allowing your natural pattern of breathing to fill your awareness.

  5. As your brain begins to process the calming signals sent via the optic nerves in your eyes, you achieve a state of mental stillness as you focus solely and intently on the candle flame.

  6. To end the meditation simply disconnect with the flame and embrace the view of other things in the room. With regular practice, you can swiftly embrace the stillness that this form of meditation can bring. After all, meditation is really a ritual that we rehearse over and over to enable our body to focus on a more peaceful state.

TIP:  Keep your eyes open and focused on the flame without blinking or watering - it gradually becomes more natural to do. Try to let go of your thoughts while concentrating on this one physical “thing” - it's often easier than repeating a mantra

One of the easiest ways to learn to meditate...candlelight: gaze, breathe (so make it a pure aroma) and relax!

One of the easiest ways to learn to meditate...candlelight: gaze, breathe (so make it a pure aroma) and relax!

What do you do to relax? Have you ever tried this simple method of meditation yourself? You may be dubious but please do not underestimate the benefits of meditation. Personally, I get severe pains and cramps in my legs and feet: meditation alone - without medication - enables me to tap into my parasympathetic nervous system and reduce pain within a matter of minutes. Even my doctor recommends it!

Are you a fan of meditation? what do you do to relax? Comment here to share your thoughts