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Spring is in the air, so time to kick start a new habit by doing an inner fasting cleanse that will make you feel invigorated with the idea of ‘NEW’

Think Marie Kondo for the body! I do a ‘water only’ health fast (herbal tea permitted) every 8 weeks and promise me this truly will bring you joy! OK not on Days 1-3 (when ANY food is tempting, even liver & onions - I was force fed this as a child). Your mind, your body, your joints will all feel lighter, brighter. You get wonderfully inspired with new ideas and creativity.

Fasting is also believed to help anyone with an autoimmune disorder (hands up - there are now over 100 recognised diseases and they’re incresasing in number). By purifying the body, we purify our cells: old ones die off and new ones start with a clean slate. Check out Professor Valter Longo who has pioneered medical research into the benefits of a fasting-mimicking diet for anyone with an autoimmune disorder.

It really is like a spring clean. Here’s a video link below to my YouTube channel, with a little insight into my 2019 health fast - I do these every other month for health potential - as an autoimmune defence booster!

Have you ever tried fasting? How did you find it?

Also check out my video with Nic Chapman, one half of the Pixiwoo sisters, who shares her health regime and fasting with me in our MS Journey for #JoOnTheGo

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