Thank you to everyone who turned up to say “Hello” to us at The Country Living Spring Fair - our very first exhibition with a stylish JOGB grey-themed Pop Up shop!

Sneak peek at our JOGB Pop Up Shop at the 2019 Country Living Spring Fair

Sneak peek at our JOGB Pop Up Shop at the 2019 Country Living Spring Fair

Just want to say a huge thank you to all our wonderful existing and new customers and friends that made the journey to Alexandra Palace to visit our Pop Up Shop at the Country Living Spring Fair.

It was such a fabulous experience for us to meet everyone, share a little about our wellness journey, lifestyle tips, and ingredients knowledge to support the need for more purity in our lives: from better blended quality candles that we burn in our home - both the wax and the actual fragrance being pure quality and ethically created - to the quality and origin of yarn used in our comfort collection of luxurious alpaca wraps and throws that are the modern, cruelty-free, vegan-approved, sustainable option to cashmere.

We hope that we have inspired you as much as you have inspired us, by showing us how much you love our unique, pure essential oil aromas and by listening to our story and our lifestyle beliefs (new video coming soon).

Our message is simple …

Don’t buy mass or masses of anything

Look at the ingredients in your candles, your skincare, and makeup - where and how they’re made, as much as you now do your food and your clothing. Buy beautifully sourced, consciously made, ethicially considered, premium quality products that you live with in harmony with your senses and in your home. Seek out softness, beauty, texture, aroma. We’re all about grey style, candles and comfort at JOGB: all the things that bring happiness to your core and into your life.