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The ultimate in natural luxury, welcome to JOGBLiving and the #LivingItUp blog: holistic wellness lifestyle space created by author journalist & artist, 

Jo Glanville-Blackburn: JOGB

Living well is about pleasing the senses. At JOGB Living, we recognize that your home is your space, your life, your wellbeing: true luxury of living is purity, originality and exclusivity.

The purer way to scent your home, our luxurious artisan aromas are exclusive to JOGB; consciously curated luxury 100% natural essential oil fragrances in handmade botanical waxes all 'free-from' synthetics and toxic mineral oils.

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what fans of JOGB are saying about us...

I just LOVE my GOJO candle. I now keep my car keys in one of the empty glasses and it makes me feel so happy even when I just pick them up!
— Jacqui R, Surrey
As a self-confessed candle and room fragrance snob I’m thrilled with this new JOGB MOJO candle, always a winner when they smell fabulous without burning and are heavier than a paperweight: whole kitchen/dining/lounge open plan scented within 30 minutes!
— Alison Young, QVC presenter at alisonyoungbeauty
MOJO is a heavenly cloud of incense, sandalwood and coriander, created by the Queen of beauty editors Jo Glanville-Blackburn.
— Sarah Barclay, YOU Mag
OMG This gorgeous aroma (SLOJO) is so strong unlike other candles I’ve bought, I didn’t even need to light it!
— Sandy B, SW London